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History - 1981


Plans were to expand the building further by the fall of 1981. There was also discussion about including petroleum on the Big Budd property. Further down the line it turns out there was a bit of a zoning problem but eventually the petroleum was included at the West Agro. During, 1981 there was considerable discussion about the building of a new store in Kyle. It was approved with construction to start in spring 1982. Also approved was the building of an Agro warehouse at Gull Lake and some discussion about putting in a meat department in Gull Lake. There was discussion by the board about petroleum hauling and whether or not to get out of the business and lease out the operation. 1982 - The West Agro building was completed and opened in late April. Decision finally approved to install bulk tanks and the feed and bulk fuel moved into West Agro in early July. Decision was finalized to dispose of the Kyle property and build a new store in Kyle. It officially opened on November 15. At a June meeting, first mention was made that Western Savings and Credit Union needed more room in the mall. 1983 - Trojan Properties indicated that they wanted to build a new Safeway store and twelve or fourteen small stores on the mall site. The board after considerable discussion, agreed to support Trojan in this decision, provided that Pioneer Co-op and Western Savings be allowed to add to the present Pioneer structure. The negotiations with Western Savings on the expansion of the mall continued through the next several months. In October the board approved that scanning be introduced in the food departments in the spring of 1984. During 1983 the Cabri Co-operative began discussion with Pioneer regarding a management contract and then later, in November 1983 Cabri asked that we consider amalgamation. The board talked about looking at the feasibility for constructing new warehouses at Kyle and Stewart Valley, and a new store at Sanctuary. At the December meeting of 1983, a number of items appeared. The mall service station had installed a small confectionary area as part of its sales area. A decision was made to offer the warehouse on North Railway Street West for sale to Swift Current Freightlines. A decision was made to build a new building in Santuary in 1984 and to go ahead with addition to the mall which would include something over 13,000 sq. ft. for Western Savings and Credit Union and additional space for Pioneer Co-op as well. 1984 - On January 17, the board approved of the final agreement with Western Savings to expand in the Mall. Total sq. footage, 13,200. Credit Union would lease 8,500 sq. ft. The board approved of selling the old Federated Warehouse owned by Pioneer to Swift Current Freightlines for $140,000.Agreed to proceed with a 40 ft. X 72 ft. pole type warehouse at Stewart Valley and to proceed with renovation at Gull Lake Farm Centre. Contract for extension to the mall was let to Frontier Construction. Later a Patronage Refund to members for the year 1984 would be 15 percent on 1983 patronage allocations. In 1985 the board agreed to amalgamate with Cabri, Sceptre, and Abbey. A new P.O.S. (point of sale) program was installed with the city food and service stations. In August 1985 a group from Ponteix came in to discuss joint petroleum delivery with Pioneer Co-op. Arrangements were made that one truck will deliver fuel to both Aneroid and Ponteix with the truck coming out of Ponteix. Presentation from both Tompkins regarding a new store 40 ft. X 100 ft. in Tompkins was discussed and approved. The store in Hodgeville was renovated. Cash refund of 15 percent on the 1984 allocations was paid. A new tandem diesel truck for Agro in the city was purchased. We supported the mall merchants and the B.I.D. downtown in opposing the new service agreement for the possible new mall by the Hat Developers. 1986 - Purchased a new I.H.C. Diesel Tandem truck with 4,000 gallon tank for Cabri truck. Cost $47,500.00 and tank $34,500.00. Morse Co-operatives approached Pioneer Co-op for possible amalgamation. It was felt we should get our branch operations on more solid basis. Declared a 2.5% allocation on 1985 purchases and cash payment of 15% on 1985 allocations. Purchases from F.C.L. were $35 million. Received $89,000.00 in cash in May and $92,000.00 in December. Board agreed to build new store in Tompkins. Total cost was $106,000.00 and opened in September. Upgraded Mall Service Station. New canopy and pumps; 50% of $220,000. Cost was shared by F.C.L. A group from Leader met with the board to put a food store in town. After survey, etc., board decided not to proceed. 50th Anniversary Fun Day was held on parking lot on May 31st. Bulk plant equipment from Cardston, Alberta was installed at Sceptre. $18,000.00 payment to Town of Cabri for paving and renewal of water lines. Sod turning for S.C. Mall on August 5, 1986. Tom Cator Memorial Scholarship approved; $150.00 to Cabri and $150.00 to Abbey for a Grade 12 student. 1987 - Cabri Store renovation at a cost of $33,000. Cabri Bulk Plant at cost of $60,000. In February several board members and spouses toured the Co-op Refinery in Regina. Branch Annual Meetings were held at all locations prior to the Annual Meeting. An allocation of 4.5% on all commodities was approved. The Provincial Government has disbanded the Department of Co-operation. Delegates to F.C.L. Annual Meeting were Laura Vance, Linda Haubrich, Wilmer Senft, Russell Simpson and Levern Horvey. Western Co-operative Fertilizer closed their Calgary Plant. Arrangements were made for Pioneer to purchase fertilizer products from Sherritt Gordon. Cash refund of $457,000.00 made during Co-op Week. 1988 - Farm Centre was destroyed by fire on January 12, 1988 resulting in the lay off of one full time and 5 part time employees. Proposed Home/Lumber Centre of 23,000 square feet to be built on South end of Wheatland mall. Approximate costs of $1.3 million. Dental plan was discussed for employees and management. Pump 24 installed in Kyle. Propane sales distribution installed at Southside Service Station. A new telephone switch board was installed at the Mall at a cost of $43,000.00. Glen McCormick, Men's Wear Manager retired on September 10th. Sanctuary Branch was closed in November. New scanning and P.O.S. equipment installed in Mall Food; will also cover Southside Food. Cost of $118,617.00. 1989 - December - S.C.R.A.D. conference. Saskatoon attended by three directors. Answers for rural Saskatchewan renewal hard to come by during December of that year. Members equity cap set at $15,000.00 over which member paid dividend in cash. During 1989 - 450 people left Swift Current; 17,000 left the province. Kincaid Corporate Bulk Plant established. What services to provide at Aneroid and Neville? 1989 - February - 5 year plan initiated. Business Interruption of $120,000.00 by S.G.I, on old Farm Centre. April - Co-op Trust moved to Regina. June - "Building a Dream" Co-op history available now. September - Closing Cheadle West Lumber Yard, Move to Agro. Newstore in Tompkins appears to be satisfactory. Pioneer Co-op employs over 300 people with a yearly wage of 6.2 million. November - Sanctuary Co-op dismantled. Returned property to R.M. of Lacadena. 25 departments in a loss position currently. Concerns and ideas to rectify. 1990 - Renovation at Sceptre and Gull Lake Farm Centre. Frozen meats now in rural branches. Renovation at Gull Lake Store. Consolidate Cabri Farm Centre and Service Station. New hoist at Abbey. Break in and thefts in Kyle and Stewart Valley. New Corporate Bulk Plant at Kincaid in September 1990. Closed the Home Centre in Cabri. Stewart Valley store gets Post Office. Renovation to Stewart Valley warehouse. Neville - new floor. Lots of break-ins in 1990. Retirement banquet was held for Gerry Doucet January 1st. Gerry Doucet Day set for November 29, 1990. Stuart Dyrland new General Manager in January 1, 1991. 1991 - Public Meeting at the Esquire Centre re: the closing of Service Station #1 resulted in the service station not closing. Cafeteria at the Mall was remodeled. Closed Ladies Fashions at Southside. New Corporate Bulk Plant at Hodgeville. Presidents Breakfast at Southside and Mall for staff and directors. 1992 - January - Credit/Equity Department moved downstairs along with Post Office. April - Equity cap reduced to $14,000.00 per member. 1992 - June - installation of alarm system at Tompkins after a number of break-ins. Broke in again and alarm didn't work. Doug Coulter retired the end of 1992 from Gull Lake Farm Centre. 1993 - Delegates to F.C.L. Annual Meeting were Dwayne Klassen, Levern Horvey, Glen McCormick, Wilmer Senft, Victor Dombrowsky. Michael Davis hired as Drug Manager at the mall. A new tandem fuel truck was purchased for Kyle. Thirty-five members reached equity cap of $14,000.00 in 1992. Michele Garrett appointed Branch manager in Sceptre in July 1993. George Murphy, former Pioneer Co-op Director, was given the Saskatchewan Certificate of Merit Award. Mall Frozen Food section was upgraded at a cost of $180,000.00. Special payment of $819,754.00 received from F.C.L. Delinquent account write off of $6,679.00 and bad cheque write off of $3,537.00. 1994 - 1994 Budget sales $59,731.00. 30th year for the Y.O.U. Charm Course. Leased Central Irrigation Property. Co-op Youth Day held during Co-op Week. Employee Assistance Program set up at Pioneer Co-op. New Director Development program. New Personal Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy. Water line to the Agro Centre. New bulk plants at Agro Centre and Gull Lake. New film developer at the Southside. New chemical sheds at Cabri, Kyle, Stewart Valley, and Gull Lake. New workshop at the Piling Yard at the old Central Irrigation site. 1995 - New photo processing for Wheatland Mall. Cardlock installed at Hodgeville. Long term loan at Credit Union was paid out. Further discussions with Morse Co-op re: amalgamation. Approved at our Annual Meeting to be effective in April. Roger Tangen retired from Kyle Farm Centre. New refrigeration installed at Cabri and Hodgeville. Lumber piling yard at Agro Centre. $2,500.00 donation to Civic Centre for new seating. Automatic Temperature Compensation installed on fuel trucks and pumps. Sceptre upgrading at cost of $65,000.00. New installation of water to Agro Centre. Co-op portion of the Mall parking lot re-paved. Morse renovations at a cost of $40,000. Laura Russell Simpson was presented a gold watch for serving 25 years as a Director. Agro expansion on the main building. Renovated Kyle Farm Centre. 1996 - New cardlock and above ground tanks installed at Stewart Valley, Neville, and Sceptre. Old tanks removed. Liquid Fertilizer tank installed at Kyle. July - Fun Fest '96 was held on the Mall Parking lot. As well Pioneer Co-op co-sponsored a "Teen Splash" for youth and hopes to make this a yearly event. August - Sponsor of Saskatchewan Senior 55 Plus Games. September - Approved purchase of scanning for five branch locations. October - Co-sponsored pancake breakfast with Credit Union, Sask Wheat Pool, and Co-operators during Co-op week. Proceeds were donated to the Fairview Rink Expansion. December - The Plumbing Shop on 3rd N.W. was sold. Equity member payout for 1996 totalled $2.8 million.



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