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Jamie Holdstock, PAg

I grew up on a farm in north east Saskatchewan with grain, leaf cutter bees, horses and cattle. I attended Lakeland College and fell in love with agriculture. After receiving my diploma at college I transferred to university and completed a  Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters in Meat
Science from the University of Alberta. I worked in academia for a few years and missed working with producers so decided to move back to Saskatchewan for work. I have worked in several unique areas of the agricultural industry such as: beef slaughter houses, feedlots, Sask Crop Insurance, research, agri-environmental planning, and teaching. I am passionate about agriculture and convinced the best people to work with are in this industry. I look forward to working in agriculture because it is constantly adapting and changing, which provides a great learning opportunity.

Agronomy Address:

2284 South Service Road West

Swift Current, SK

S9H 3X6





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