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Pioneer Co-op is looking for employees with excellent customer service skills, enthusiasm and initiative.  We value the input of our members and staff, especially when it comes to finding good employees.  For this reason we have the Employee Referral Program where staff can refer others for work at Pioneer Co-op and have a chance to earn $100!

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Pioneer Co-operative Association Limited is located in Swift Current, Sask., a growing community with a population of over 18,000.  A small town atmosphere with all the amenities of large city life. Located on the #1 Trans-Canada Highway, we're only two hours traveling distance to major locations such as Regina, Saskatoon and Medicine Hat. Our head office is located in Swift Current and we have branches located in Kyle, Stewart Valley, Morse, Shaunavon, Bracken, Eastend, Hodgeville, Ponteix, Cabri, Abbey, Sceptre, Gull Lake, Frontier, Tompkins, Maple Creek, Herbert and Consul.

Pioneer Co-op has grown to be one of the largest co-operatives in Western Canada and is listed as one of the top 100 companies in Saskatchewan.

Pioneer Co-op provides employment to a staff approximately 600 individuals who play an integral part in our success.  Whether you are a high school student, university or post-secondary student, starting a career or just looking for a job, you will have the opportunity to explore the many career paths available in retailing. To mention a few, we employ Agronomists, Pharmacists & Technicians, Branch & Department Managers, Accountant, Accounting & Administrative Staff, Journeyman/Apprentice (Plumbers, Electricians, Sheet Metal Workers, Refrigeration, Mechanics), Tire Technicians, Meat Cutters, Bakers, Petroleum & Fertilizer Drivers, Sales Clerks & Cashiers & Building Materials staff.

Pioneer Co-op offers a comprehensive wage and benefits package, as well as a matched retirement plan. 

With continuing growth in the Southwest, Pioneer Co-op welcomes your interest in our organization and we would be happy to discuss available employment opportunities with you.   Feel free to contact Human Resources at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Career Opportunities Within The Co-operative Retailing System

By joining Pioneer Co-op, employees also join the Co-operative Retailing System, which is the name we apply to the network formed by local co-operatives and Federated Co-operatives (F.C.L.) in Western Canada.  As an employee of our system, you also have the opportunity to explore the many career paths available throughout western Canada.

The Co-operative Retailing System is a unique multi-billion dollar enterprise based on the fundamental principles of co-operation. It is comprised of a network of more than 300 autonomous retail co-operatives across western Canada, including the Pioneer Co-op, and their branches. All are owned by the members they serve.

The Co-operative Retailing System Is Looking For People With...

A positive attitude, initiative, leadership skills, integrity, high ethical standards. The retail co-operatives and Federated Co-operatives Limited offer opportunity, success, and careers with a difference. Federated Co-op is the wholesaling arm of the of the System, and the manufacturer of feed, petroleum and forest products. The Co-operative Retailing System provides diverse career opportunities in retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing, training and development, and career advancement.

If you thrive on challenge and variety, a retailing career is a great choice. Retail co-ops vary in size and the range of merchandise they offer, but all involve an exciting combination of people and products in a competitive and ever-changing industry.

There are more than 300 retail co-ops and their branches in 500 communities in western Canada. These retail co-ops employ approximately 13,000 people and maintain annual sales exceeding $2 billion.

Post-secondary graduates start out as management trainees, supervisors or assistant managers. Further on-the-job training and development helps them advance. High school graduates start in entry-level positions. Excellent training programs are available to prepare them for future advancement into management.

Many of our employees started working part-time while in high school, left to pursue further education, and then returned to assume positions of even greater responsibility.

To discuss your career opportunities in the Co-operative Retailing System, contact the General Manager of a retail co-operative, or the nearest Federated Co-operatives office.



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