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Organized in July of 1936, Pioneer Co-op has become a fixture in the community of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.   Pioneer Co-op has grown from a simple service station to a place that will satisfy all of your shopping needs.  Membership has its benefits.  Pioneer Co-op is locally owned and controlled by its members.  Profit is returned to the members based on their patronage.


There are two major department stores in the city of Swift Current that are owned and operated by  Pioneer Co-op.  The Wheatland Mall location contains Grocery, Pharmacy, Ladies Wear, Men’s Wear, Footwear, Hardware, Plumbing, Lumber and Floor Covering departments.  The Wheatland Mall location also has a Service Station, which includes a Touchless Carwash.  The Southside location contains Grocery and Pharmacy departments as well as a Service Station which includes a Touchless Carwash as well.

Pioneer Co-op has an enormous presence in the surrounding communities as well.  Pioneer Co-op maintains branches in Kyle, Tompkins, Stewart Valley, Gull Lake,  Frontier, Hodgeville, Cabri, Abbey, Sceptre, Morse, and Ponteix.  Keylock locations are maintained in Aneroid and Neville.  This ensures a high availability of service to our rural customers.Equity

Co-op Membership Benefits

The best $10 investment you may ever make. That's right...only $10 buys you a membership in the Pioneer Co-op, and you immediately begin sharing in the Co-op's success.  With each 
purchase at one of our locations, you build equity. At the end of the year when our financial statement shows a profit, you share in that profit in proportion to your purchases.      

Building Together

Supporting your Co-op and providing your member number at the check-out is an excellent investment for future years. Only Co-op returns its profit to local member-owners.
Just come to any of our locations and complete a new member application form. You'll be on your way to enjoying the many benefits of a Co-op membership!

When you become a member-owner of Pioneer Co-op, you are making a sound business investment in a community organization that provides both economic and social benefits. Your Co-op is an attractive alternative to chain stores and private business because you're the owner and the profits belong to you. That is why co-ops refer to their profits as "savings". Savings are distributed to each member-owner based on his or her patronage. And the more patronage a co-op receives, the greater the savings it can generate for its member-owners.



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